Chapter 2.4

Okay so half of this update was played a week ago and the other half this morning.

11-25-14_3-59 PM-2

Someone is grumpy.

11-25-14_4-00 PM

You okay, Izzy?

Izzy: I’m lonely and sad. Just kill me already.

Or you could… talk to your grandkids?


11-25-14_4-01 PM


11-25-14_4-05 PM

Merlin, we spent good money on that.

11-25-14_4-06 PM 11-25-14_4-06 PM-2

Merlin: I’m tired and hungry.

You know where the fridge and your bed is.

11-25-14_4-14 PM

I bought some monkey bars so hopefully one of the kids will take advantage of them.

11-25-14_4-22 PM 11-25-14_4-22 PM-2


11-25-14_4-23 PM

Both of their facial expressions are amusing.

11-25-14_4-25 PM


11-25-14_4-27 PM

So when Izzy was still the TH she found a couple of voodoo dolls, and I gave one to Amanda, and I finally remembered it and thought I’d play around with it.

11-25-14_4-27 PM-2 11-25-14_4-27 PM-3 11-25-14_4-28 PM 11-25-14_4-28 PM-2

Not particularly interesting, but maybe with more practice? IDK. Amanda’s too busy really.

11-25-14_4-32 PM-2

*sigh* Your son-in-law is asleep in the bed next to you, surely you get the general idea to go to bed rather than pass out?

11-25-14_4-34 PM

Each bedroom has a bathroom connected. Merlin came across the hall from his bedroom to use this bathroom instead of his.

11-25-14_4-34 PM-2

Okay so ignoring the disappearing desk I just… I know boobs get in the way sometimes but THAT is amazing.

11-25-14_4-41 PM-2

Um.. surprise!!!

Amanda: Dammit, you promised.


Another baby on the way.

12-04-14_9-44 AM

Izzy tries to cheerup using Dino.

12-04-14_9-46 AM 12-04-14_9-47 AM-2 12-04-14_9-48 AM 12-04-14_9-48 AM-2

At least someone uses the toys… though I find it amusing that Izzy managed to hit herself in the head with one of them.

12-04-14_9-48 AM-3 12-04-14_9-48 AM-4

The kids come home from school and neither of them are very happy.

12-04-14_9-49 AM 12-04-14_9-49 AM-2

Morgana goes straight up to bed.

12-04-14_9-49 AM-4

Merlin looks like he’s plotting something.

12-04-14_9-50 AM 12-04-14_9-50 AM-2

Is it creepy to take pictures of them when they’re in the shower?

Nah they’re pixelated.

Anyway… they’re learning to take care of themselves. *sniff sniff* They grow up so fast.

12-04-14_9-52 AM-2

Merlin and Amanda… talk?

12-04-14_9-52 AM-3

Merlin: Another baby? Gross.

Actually, Amanda just yelled at Merlin. That’s what happens when your mother is evil.

12-04-14_9-55 AM 12-04-14_9-55 AM-2 12-04-14_9-55 AM-3

I’m not sure that’s the most effective way to have a conversation.

12-04-14_9-55 AM-4 12-04-14_9-56 AM

Izzy cries in her sleep.

Don’t worry, Izzy, I’ve gotten a notification saying it’s your last days. You’ll be with Travis soon.

12-04-14_10-00 AM-3 12-04-14_10-00 AM-4

She also cries in the shower.

12-04-14_10-04 AM-2 12-04-14_10-04 AM-3

Geoff’s post-nap activity.

12-04-14_10-06 AM-2

Why did I take this and share it?

No idea.

12-04-14_10-07 AM


Morgana is using the monkey bars!

12-04-14_10-08 AM-3 12-04-14_10-08 AM-4 12-04-14_10-08 AM-5

These two don’t really get along.

12-04-14_10-08 AM-7

Geoff: I’m tired. If only my mother-in-law wasn’t in the way so I could go sto sleep.

Izzy: This coffee is good.

12-04-14_10-11 AM 12-04-14_10-11 AM-2 12-04-14_10-11 AM-3 12-04-14_10-11 AM-4 12-04-14_10-11 AM-5 12-04-14_10-12 AM 12-04-14_10-12 AM-2 12-04-14_10-12 AM-3

Gotta share these pics of Morgana and Izzy dancing together (I typed Morganana at first man I’m tired)

12-04-14_10-18 AM-3 12-04-14_10-18 AM-5 12-04-14_10-19 AM

Amanda spends time with Morgana as well, since she never willingly talks to Amanda.

12-04-14_10-23 AM

Izzy and Amanda merged to become Isanda. Amabel?

12-04-14_10-16 AM

Amanda got that beige couch for her career so now they have two couches. I’m so glad for career rewards. Their coffee machine was one too.

12-04-14_10-24 AM-2

Bless you, Izzy.

12-04-14_10-33 AM-2

Geoff enjoys some Simton Abbey.

12-04-14_10-39 AM

Where are you going, Amanda?

Amanda: To have another goddamn baby.


Amanda: What I want to say to you isn’t suitable for the young ears of the baby inside me.

12-04-14_10-39 AM-2

It was a little boy who was named Gwaine!

12-04-14_10-41 AM

Amanda: I love you, Gwaine, but why?

And that is where I leave you for this update.



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