Chapter 2.3

So while playing this update I got incredibly frustrated with the lot of them so that frustration may show. With swearing. And all caps.

11-22-14_9-28 AM

Awesome. Thank, Geoff. We needed it kicked over, definitely. It’s not as if we have rubbish or anything to put in it. Not even that PILE RIGHT BEHIND YOU.

11-22-14_9-28 AM-2

Merlin just stands there.

11-22-14_9-29 AM

In fact both of them just STAND THERE for HOURS

11-22-14_9-32 AM-2 11-22-14_9-32 AM-3

Trying to look after her while pregnant is impossible and I think in the future I might have to relax on the no cheating thing while pregnancy is going on. But ONLY for the pregnant sims if absolutely necessary.


I was going to have like three kids this gen but I’m changing my mind, I think.

11-22-14_9-32 AM-6

Merlin is stink and hungry and stood there ALL NIGHT.

Do something about it yourself then dammit.

11-22-14_9-39 AM

Merlin fell asleep while having a bath, does this count as a pass out? When I checked his stats it still said 0 pass outs (not for long… honestly. This update…). Idk he also had about half an hour before school.

11-22-14_9-41 AM-3

At least when Geoff stands around doing something, he’s looked after himself.


11-22-14_9-42 AM


11-22-14_9-43 AM-2

Oh, Izzy…

11-22-14_9-43 AM-6

Izzy: I have a rumbly in my tumbly.

Just. Go. Eat.

11-22-14_9-44 AM-2

Instead she passes out again.

11-22-14_9-45 AM-2

Merlin is home from school.

Merlin: I’m sleepy.

Then go to bed. You know where it is.

Merlin: Nah, I think I’ll just stand outside the house until dark.

11-22-14_9-46 AM-3

At least Geoff takes a FUCKING NAP.

11-22-14_9-46 AM-4


11-22-14_9-47 AM

Random passerby: That kis is just standing outside. And he needs a shower. Should I call child services?

TBH? Probably.

11-22-14_9-47 AM-2

*resigned sigh*

11-22-14_9-49 AM

This is the second time.

11-22-14_9-49 AM-2

Merlin does eventually remember where his bed is.

11-22-14_9-52 AM 11-22-14_9-52 AM-2

At least her makes it the toilet before he pees himself.

11-22-14_9-52 AM-3

Can’t say the same for his mother though.

And I can control her.

I blame her pregnancy.

11-22-14_9-53 AM

Merlin finally does something about the stink problem.

11-22-14_9-55 AM

And Izzy finally does something about the tired problem.

11-22-14_9-58 AM

Look at her plumbob. And she has work.

I am terrible at this game.

11-22-14_10-00 AM

Merlin is back from school again.

Merlin: I’m going to stand out here until dark.

Please not again.

11-22-14_10-01 AM

Izzy got old.

Izzy: I don’t like it.

11-22-14_10-01 AM-2

Merlin DOESN’T stay outside until dark.

11-22-14_10-02 AM

11-22-14_10-03 AM-2

Baby time..

11-22-14_10-03 AM-3 11-22-14_10-03 AM-5

It’s a little girl who is named Morgana!

11-22-14_10-10 AM-4

Geoff, what did you do?

It’s staying that way until the weekend because Amanda doesn’t have the time to fix it.

11-22-14_10-14 AM-2

So Amanda has gone to bed and the baby is screaming and unlike with Merlin, Geoff and Izzy are being entirely useless.

11-22-14_10-15 AM-2

I had to use Izzy’s one elder move.

11-22-14_10-16 AM

But she just stands there when Morgana obviously needs a nappy change.

11-22-14_10-16 AM-2

Luckily Amanda soon gets home and changes Morgana.

11-22-14_10-17 AM-2

You are a terrible father. And it’s your aspiration.

11-22-14_10-20 AM-2

Poor Amanda is not looked after at all.

I’m not putting her through this again even if I want more options for the next TH.

11-22-14_10-22 AM

Merlin is lonely, apparently (It really wouldn’t be that hard for him to go talk to his grandma or dad, but nooooo) so he’s sad as he goes to school.

11-22-14_10-23 AM-2

Geoff does autonomously change Morgana’s nappy, but won’t feed her even though I got a notification saying she was hungry and they were going to take her from us.

11-22-14_10-24 AM-5

So I used his YA move.

11-22-14_10-26 AM-2

Well now I can’t do anything because I’ve used both of their moves.

Um… Amanda isn’t too far away.

11-22-14_10-26 AM-3

Well, that’s not going to help. She obviously needs a nappy change.

11-22-14_10-27 AM 11-22-14_10-28 AM-3 11-22-14_10-28 AM-4

I’m sorry Amanda

This is the last one I promise.

11-22-14_10-28 AM-5

What’s your problem, Izzy?

Izzy: I wanted more than two grandchildren.

Well suck it up.

11-22-14_10-30 AM 11-22-14_10-30 AM-2

Fuck this shit tbh.

11-22-14_10-31 AM-3

Thank FUCK she’s not a baby anymore.

Morgana grew up with the Hot-Headed trait and has Rambunctious Scamp as her childhood aspiration.

11-22-14_10-36 AM

Merlin: I will stand out here until dark

It’s already dark.

Merlin: I will stand out here until dark.

At this point Morgana will be TH because you are irritating me to no end. I regret naming you Merlin. I love Merlin.

11-22-14_10-37 AM

Morgana found her bed.

11-22-14_10-38 AM-2

Morgana: Why is the table so stinky?

They need to hire a maid. But there is no money to hire a maid.

11-22-14_10-39 AM


11-22-14_10-44 AM

So I gave in and Amanda hired a one time maid because Amanda can’t deal with this shit all by herself.

11-22-14_10-42 AM

Morgana, your brother has enough trouble finding his bed, don’t take it.

And at this point I looked at how miserable all my sims were, and gave up and quit.

So that’s all for this update.

Next time: No idea I haven’t played yet hopefully less failing.


6 thoughts on “Chapter 2.3

  1. Heh, this is what I’m used to seeing when I read TS3 ISBIs… Gen 1 went so smoothly I wondered if the ISBI challenge was way easier in TS4. Naaaaah… just need to be surrounded by the right idiots, apparently. ^_^;;


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