Chapter 2.2

The next chapter already? Yes. I’m sick and I love the Reagans. I didn’t love them so much this update though.

11-21-14_6-00 PM-2

This is one of the few times Amanda and Geoff actually get to spend time together. Amanda is always so busy doing TH things.

11-21-14_6-01 PM

We bought this house because as part of his aspiration, Geoof wanted to spend 1000 simoleons on kids stuff. So. Geoff then destroyed it.

I mean, the kid isn’t even born yet, but still.

11-21-14_6-02 PM

Isabel is happy at the moment, but that won’t last long.

She also looks drugged.

11-21-14_6-03 PM 11-21-14_6-04 PM

These pictures are just to show you that time is going by, because…

11-21-14_6-06 PM-2

Izzy is still sitting in the same place. She’s having a lot of trouble looking after herself and not being under my control.

11-21-14_6-11 PM 11-21-14_6-11 PM-4

Geoff stands around aimlessly a lot, but only after looking after all of his needs. So I’ll forgive that even if it is boring.

11-21-14_6-12 PM

Izzy: I stink

Take a shower then.

Izzy: You’re supposed to direct me to take a shower.

Not any more.

11-21-14_6-13 PM 11-21-14_6-13 PM-2

Geoff can take a bath on his own. Why can’t his mother-in-law?

(Yes, I am aware the walls are down in that shot. I made the bathrooms too small to get decent pictures.)

11-21-14_6-13 PM-4

Izzy finally does something when she needs to pee.

11-21-14_6-14 PM-2

That thing is a shower, rather than peeing, but I’ll take it.

She does get to the toiler before she pees herself, though, thank goodness.

11-21-14_6-15 PM

I forgot how nightmarish pregnancy is without cheats. Amanda is working working as well, so I can’t look after her properly while she’s at work. Poor thing is miserable.

11-21-14_6-21 PM

And then, after peeing, Izzy just stands there even though she desperately needs fun and has needed it for at least a day.


I took a peek. Honestly. She’s terrible at looking after herself, and she doesn’t have the excuse of pregnancy like Amanda does.

11-21-14_6-23 PM-2 11-21-14_6-23 PM-3

Thank goodness she’s doing something. That should help her fun and her social. Hopefully.

11-21-14_6-26 PM-2 11-21-14_6-27 PM

Then Amanda came home from work early because she was in labour.

11-21-14_6-28 PM-4 11-21-14_6-28 PM-5 11-21-14_6-28 PM-6 11-21-14_6-28 PM-7

She had a baby boy who was named Merlin!

I decided that I’m giong to be using naming themes each generation. This ones pretty obvious.

11-21-14_6-31 PM-3

The whole family hangs out in the kitchen and that’s when I have a worrying thought. There’s no maternity leave in this game. Who is going to look after Merlin while Amanda is at work??

And I start panicking that the baby will be taken away. I’m assuming that happens in the sims 4. IDK. I’ve never had a social worker take a baby from me before in any sims game unless I was playing it that way on purpose.

11-21-14_6-34 PM


You think he’s just starting around pointlessly until you realise the baby is crying and he’s doing NOTHING.

11-21-14_6-33 PM

Amanda (who was sleeping because she desperately needed it) has to get up and deal with the baby.

11-21-14_6-35 PM-2

Well… Geoff is starting to get the right idea, but dude. He’s stinky, he needs a nappy change. Not for you to rock him.

11-21-14_6-41 PM 11-21-14_6-41 PM-3 11-21-14_6-41 PM-5 11-21-14_6-42 PM

This was all while Amanda was at work. Bless you, Izzy, bless you. You may leave it to the last minute to look after yourself, but at least you’re looking after the baby.

I honestly was saying bless you out loud to her as this was happening.

I love you, Izzy.

11-21-14_6-48 PM

Thank you, Geoff!

I was worried about nothing.

11-21-14_6-55 PM 11-21-14_6-56 PM-2

It’s cute, they’re both helping to look after Merlin.

11-21-14_6-55 PM-2

Since they’re being helpful with baby care, Amanda can do other things like repair the stereo which no one can do autonomously.

11-21-14_6-59 PM 11-21-14_6-59 PM-2

Two rewards Amanda got for her career.

11-21-14_6-59 PM-5

I just really like seeing Izzy with her grandson.

11-21-14_7-00 PM-2

They’re actually spending some time together!

11-21-14_7-01 PM

Then it’s Merlins birthday and… um… awkward.

11-21-14_7-01 PM-2

Anyway, Merlin is cute!

11-21-14_7-11 PM-2 11-21-14_7-11 PM-3

Amanda needed some fun so I thought ‘WooHoo will fix that’ and then I went ‘they may as well try for baby while they’re at it’.

11-21-14_7-12 PM-3 11-21-14_7-12 PM-4

And Amanda is pregnant after only one try this time!

11-21-14_7-16 PM-4

Amanda: Mum, I’m pregnant!

11-21-14_7-16 PM-5

Izzy: Again? Dammit, Manda, we only just got rid of the other baby.

Izzy isn’t thilled.

11-21-14_7-16 PM-6

Izzy: No, wait. This is just another grandchild to smother with love!

She looks terrifying right now.

11-21-14_7-16 PM-2

Merlin manages to find his bed on his own.

11-21-14_7-22 PM

Amanda felt cooped up from being inside, she needed to do some cooking for the family, so I sent her to grill outside.

11-21-14_7-22 PM-2

Maniacal laugh included.

And that’s all for this update, folks! (Did I just use folks?)

Next time: New baby. Will it be a Morgana, or a Gwaine? (I’d use Arthur but Izzy’s brother was Arthur). I could use Guinevere I suppose… I’ll see what I feel like when the time comes.



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