Chapter 2.1

Yes, now we begin generation two!

11-20-14_4-32 PM

I added a little outdoor area since both Izzy and Amanda love the outdoors. Just a grill, picnic table, and garden seat, but as more money comes in, more things will be bought.

11-20-14_4-36 PM

Amanda is desperately needing fun and social, but I send her across the road to her neighbours house anyway. Why?

11-20-14_4-36 PM-2

This is why.

His name is Geoff Selby. I made him and then plopped him in the house across the road (which already had people living in it… his roommates now, I guess).

I have absolutely every intention of making him Amanda’s spouse.

I randomised his traits use the website I mentioned last update (or before?? Idk. At some point I will make a page with a link to the trait randomised and other resources)

He is clumsy, outgoing, and mean, and his aspiration is big happy family which should be not too bad. Hopefully.

He’s mean, Amanda is evil, it totally works.

11-20-14_4-37 PM

Amanda goes and introduces herself and the two chat for awhile.

11-20-14_4-39 PM

They flirt and Geoff looks quite flattered.

He has pink eyes.

11-20-14_4-41 PM-2 11-20-14_4-42 PM


Aaaand now…

11-20-14_4-42 PM-3

Wait… is she kissing his nose?

11-20-14_4-43 PM-2

And so naturally, they woohoo.

Okay but seriously, it was an option and it makes the relationship go up so quickly.

11-20-14_4-53 PM

Izzy, instead of sitting there, you could maybe clean up a little bit?

11-20-14_4-53 PM-3

Instead she goes on the computer.

To be fair, I do the same thing.

11-20-14_4-55 PM

Izzy spends a lot of time with Dino.

She’s gained some weight. I swear she wasn’t always that big? *shrugs* I guess I know where Gemma and Amanda got it from, after all. It was just later in life for Izzy.

11-20-14_5-01 PM

Fun fact: Every time Amanda cooks, the action drops from her queue and she starts to go off to mourn her father instead.

I had to stop her three times while cooking one thing.

It is maddening.

11-20-14_4-58 PM

Amanda needs to play computer games for her aspiration or job (I put her in the tech guru career), and of course, Izzy has to distract her.

11-20-14_5-03 PM

Geoff comes for a visit.

11-20-14_5-03 PM-2 11-20-14_5-04 PM 11-20-14_5-05 PM 11-20-14_5-05 PM-2

I have them do some friendly interactions so Amanda can ask him to move in.

11-20-14_5-05 PM-3

And he agrees when she does ask! Yay!

11-20-14_5-07 PM

To celebrate, they go have woohoo.

Though… what they (and I) didn’t realise was that Izzy was using the bathroom attached to this bedroom.

11-20-14_5-08 PM 11-20-14_5-08 PM-2

Izzy: That is a sight I did not want to see.

They’re under the covers.

Izzy: That is a sound I didn’t want to hear.

They might be making a grandchild!

Izzy: That would be nice… NO! Why did they have to choose this bed?

That’s their bed. You were the one in their bathroom.

(They weren’t making a grandchild)

11-20-14_5-12 PM

They go downstairs and Amanda decides to propose. Geoff is still in hi pyjamas.

Izzy: Oh, I love this song.

Your daughter is getting engaged…

Izzy: I can’t hear you over how good this song is.

11-20-14_5-12 PM-2 11-20-14_5-13 PM-2 11-20-14_5-13 PM-3

Now they’re engaged!

Then I decided to start the wedding party straight away. It won’t be a scored one though. I’ll try that in another game when I can control all of my sims and also use cheats.

Also, Izzy just stares blankly while this goes on around her.

11-20-14_5-15 PM-3

Hey Gemma!

11-20-14_5-16 PM-2 11-20-14_5-16 PM-3 11-20-14_5-16 PM-5 11-20-14_5-17 PM 11-20-14_5-17 PM-2

Words aren’t really needed. Just… awww.

11-20-14_5-17 PM-5

Amanda: Hey, sis, thanks for coming.

Gemma: Well, it’s the only chance I’ll ever have to attend a wedding. Forever alone!

I’d say story progression will fix that but that’s very sims 3… *sigh*

11-20-14_5-18 PM

Amanda and Geoff leave the party to get some.

11-20-14_5-20 PM-2

They then rejoined the party, Amanda back in her dress and Geoff in his pyjamas. And everyone stands around waiting for Amanda to finish cooking.

11-20-14_5-21 PM 11-20-14_5-23 PM

These are two seperate occasions of pregnancy tests, and nothing. There was a third try with no luck, as well.

11-20-14_5-26 PM 11-20-14_5-27 PM

Amanda does some hacking, and adds an evil laugh in to it.

11-20-14_5-28 PM 11-20-14_5-28 PM-2 11-20-14_5-28 PM-3

Then Amanda discovered she was pregnant, and had to share the news with Geoff.

Yay! Baby!!

11-20-14_5-32 PM 11-20-14_5-32 PM-2

Amanda goes to tell Izzy. Izzy isn’t too excited.

11-20-14_5-32 PM-3

Geoff: Is that food good for the baby?

Amanda: It’s good for me, so who cares?

And I leave this update here. Next update will be baby! Or more than one, I don’t know yet.


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