Chapter 1.6

Hello and welcome back to the Reagan ISBI. I’m sick at the moment so there may be a good few updates coming your way.

11-20-14_1-00 PM

Gemma is doing her homework again. Yes. This is seperate from the last time.

11-20-14_1-01 PM 11-20-14_1-01 PM-2 11-20-14_1-01 PM-4

Gemma: I am awesome for finishing this.

Yes, you are.

11-20-14_1-02 PM-2 11-20-14_1-02 PM-3

I don’t know what Amanda’s problem is, but she beat up poor Dino.

11-20-14_1-05 PM

Amanda follows her sisters lead and does her homework.

Amanda: I hate this.

I know… I know…

11-20-14_1-07 PM-2

These sisters get on so well, I love it.

11-20-14_1-08 PM 11-20-14_1-13 PM-2

These are TWO SEPERATE occassions that Amanda went to mourn her father. She goes at least three times a day. Seriously. No one else pays any attention to the grave.

11-20-14_1-12 PM 11-20-14_1-13 PM

Nice moves, Izzy.

11-20-14_1-24 PM-4 11-20-14_1-24 PM-5 11-20-14_1-25 PM 11-20-14_1-25 PM-2

Izzy gave the girls ‘the woohoo talk’ since I saw it was an option. The lot of them were very embarrassed.

11-20-14_1-44 PM-4

And then it’s Gemma’s birthday! When I got the notification to throw her a party I was like ‘what ALREADY?’ but yeah.

As a YA she gained the trait childish and I moved her out into the house that Izzy’s siblings live in, which is now dubbed the ‘spare’ house and where all the spares will live.

11-20-14_1-50 PM

That night Amanda went to sleep in her mothers bed and then Izzy just autonomously joined her in the same bed.

11-20-14_1-51 PM

Autonomous cleaning… well done, Amanda.

11-20-14_1-53 PM 11-20-14_1-58 PM

Gemma comes to visit the day after she leaves and it’s almost as if she never left…

11-20-14_2-03 PM-2

At the moment I’m having Isabel make things for them to keep. I decided that I really wanted a table and chair set made by the founder through ALL the generations so that’s what she’s doing. Also a bathtub and toilet. Just ’cause.

11-20-14_2-06 PM

Why is this picture significant?


Because she completed it as well, I sold off everything she ever collected (except the elements… going to keep the complete collection always), which was great because the fossils could be sold to the Simsonian and wow. So much money.

She finished it just in time. About one sim day left until Amanda became YA

Enough to build a new house.

11-20-14_2-20 PM

Izzy: So when you get home from school today, there’ll be a new house. Also, I’ll have your birthday cake ready for you.

Yeah. It’s Amanda’s birthday too.

11-20-14_2-39 PM 11-20-14_2-49 PM 11-20-14_2-50 PM-6

So this is the outside of the house.

11-20-14_2-51 PM-3

This is the first floor. Thought this way would be the best to show it. On the left is a living room/study area. On the right is the kitching/dining. Once they have more money I’ll add more stuff in (a bar, island counters, stuff to actually DO). Also, there’s a bathroom which, in this picture only has a toilet in it. It’s the toilet that Izzy made. The bath just wouldn’t get in there at the time.

11-20-14_2-51 PM-2

This is the second floor. There are four bedrooms and four bathrooms for a reason, though only two are furnished at the moment because we were starting to run out of money and we don’t need anything more than that at the moment.

I like how I’ve done it, I can easily add another floor if ever needed. It is rather symmetrical, but that’s just who I am. I always make things somewhat symmetrical.

11-20-14_2-52 PM

Izzy, what do you think of the new house.

Izzy: Can’t talk, gotta make a bath that won’t glitch.

11-20-14_3-11 PM

Amanda, you’re home! What do you think of the house?

Amanda: I don’t know where anything is.

11-20-14_3-11 PM-3 11-20-14_3-11 PM-4 11-20-14_3-12 PM


As a YA, Amanda gains the trait Outgoing and officially becomes TH!!!

11-20-14_3-12 PM-2

Izzy, you’re NTH now.

Izzy: Can’t talk, gotta eat cake.

11-20-14_3-13 PM

And Amanda’s first action as TH is to take a bath in the tub her Mum made.

And I will leave this chapter here. Next update will be the first full one with a new TH!


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