Chapter 1.5

I played all of this update yesterday after finishing the other one. Man. My computer runs the game so well. So so well. I love it.

11-18-14_1-05 PM 11-18-14_1-13 PM 11-18-14_1-17 PM 11-18-14_1-20 PM-2 11-18-14_1-20 PM-3

This family is so cute I love them.

11-18-14_1-25 PM

Amanda: Hey, creator! I’m stinky.

You know how to take a shower.

11-18-14_1-27 PM-2

Why are you so unhappy, Gemma?

Gemma: I stink.


11-18-14_1-34 PM-2

Gemma deals with her feelings by punching poor Dino.

11-18-14_1-37 PM

Travis comes out again that night and this time he’s red.

Does that mean he’s angry? I do not want to deal with an angry ghost.

11-18-14_1-38 PM

Yep, angry. He kicks over the wheelie bin.


11-18-14_1-38 PM-2

Travis: Haunting the computer sounds like a great idea.

11-18-14_1-38 PM-3

Amanda was terrified. Her SCREAM.

11-18-14_1-39 PM 11-18-14_1-39 PM-2

Then they sit on the bed Mum is sleeping in and talk. Travis is really not in a good mood at the moment.

Don’t yell at your daughter!

11-18-14_1-40 PM-2 11-18-14_1-41 PM-4 11-18-14_1-42 PM

Travis then haunts the shower, the sink, and the toilet in that order and breaks ALL OF THEM.

Oh, I forgot to mention it last update because I couldn’t find the picture, but Gemma had a pee failure. So that’s one failure.

Not that I’m counting points, really.

11-18-14_1-44 PM 11-18-14_1-44 PM-2

So after Travis goes back, I send Izzy out to send him to the Netherworld. Ghosts are great, but perhaps not in an ISBI if he’s going to break everything while I can only control one sim to fix it and there’s no repairman to hire.

Izzy gets a sad moodlet for four hours because now he’s gone for good but oh well.

11-18-14_1-49 PM-2 11-18-14_1-49 PM-3

While the girls are at school, Izzy bakes a cake. Why? Because it’s Gemma’s birthday!!

11-18-14_1-50 PM

Gemma: I wish to not be stinky when I grow up!

11-18-14_1-50 PM-3

She is not happy.

Gemma: I still stink.

She gained the trait goofball and her aspiration is bestselling author. I used this to randomly generate but I might use this one next gen because it doesn’t rely on parents traits.

11-18-14_2-00 PM

She’s actually quite big, which I wasn’t expecting, since neither of her parents are. Though, both of Izzy’s parents were, despite Izzy’s father Darrin being an athletic sim. I suppose that’s where she gets it from.

11-18-14_2-12 PM-2

Gemma is playing blicbloc.

Amanda: But I wanted to go on the computer.

11-18-14_2-12 PM-3

Amanda: Why can’t you let me have a goooooo?

11-18-14_2-14 PM-2

They actually eat together often without any guidance from me. I just have Izzy make a party meal (8 servings) whenever they’re getting low on food and it’s up to them to get food when they’re hungry.

11-18-14_2-15 PM

She’s on that thing a lot.

Gemma: I’m getting advice on writing humour novels.


11-18-14_2-24 PM-3

I love her a lot.

11-18-14_2-41 PM

Izzy reached level 9 of handiness and she can make bathtubs and I just took this to show you the bathtub before I sold it.

11-18-14_2-58 PM-3

Amanda comes home from school and just stands in front of the door. She looks pretty happy there, though.

11-18-14_2-58 PM-2 11-18-14_2-59 PM-2

Birthday cake time again!

11-18-14_2-59 PM-5

Nice facial expression.

Amanda: I wish to grow up AWESOME

11-18-14_3-00 PM-2

Amanda: I did it. I’m awesome! *takes selfie*

11-18-14_3-10 PM

And this is Amanda, though in her party outfit.

She grew up with the evil trait and her aspiration is Computer Whiz.

11-18-14_3-10 PM-2

The first thing she does is go mourn her father.

11-18-14_3-11 PM-3

Gemma and Amanda: Sister selfie!

11-18-14_3-11 PM-4

Gemma: No, you look better! I’m in my jammies!

11-18-14_3-49 PM-3

This is Amanda in her everyday. She’s sad because she keeps going to mourn her father.

11-18-14_4-03 PM 11-18-14_4-03 PM-4

Izzy has reached level ten of the handiness skill so I send her to find the Forgotten Grotto.

11-18-14_4-06 PM 11-18-14_4-06 PM-2 11-18-14_4-06 PM-3

It’s absolutely gorgeous.

11-18-14_4-08 PM 11-18-14_4-09 PM

Izzy does a little digging, but doesn’t complete any collections. Also, the gems and metals she sent didn’t give her the element she needs to complete that collection. She also only needs one more mysims figurine to complete that collection. I just hope she does it before Amanda is a YA.

Yeah… Amanda will be TH. I’ve done bestselling author before (Izzy’s mother), and also evil as a trait? Of course she’s gonna win that.

11-18-14_4-18 PM

I took this picture because Izzy just had her birthday to adult. She looks the same.

11-18-14_4-21 PM

I gave Izzy a new look because she’s an adult and a mother and she’s been wearing the same thing since she was a teenager.

11-18-14_4-25 PM

Amanda: Oh, daddy. I miss you.

Gemma: Hey, sis, what are you doing?

Seriously though, Amanda is the only one who ever mourns Travis.

11-18-14_4-27 PM-2

This lady just stomped angrily past their house.

Calm down.

11-18-14_4-30 PM

Izzy and Arthur: Sibling selfie!

11-18-14_4-33 PM-3

Izzy is making a real mess in the kitchen.

11-18-14_4-34 PM-2

Woah, Gemma are you actually doing your homework? *clicks on her quickly to check her action queue* Yep!

This is the first time either of the girls has done their homework.

And today I leave the update with autonomous homework. When will the next one be? No idea.

Hopefully Izzy will have finished her aspiration.


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