Chapter 1.4

Alright so I’ve ‘given up’ on NaNoWriMo (in actual fact because of a few other personal issues, I’m just slowing down and not attempting to make the 50K words), I’ve got a new computer to play sims on which runs it amazingly, so here’s the next Reagan update!

Also the pictures will look a bit different because I have a different monitor.

11-17-14_11-01 PM


Gemma has nothing to do so she just sits on her bed.

11-17-14_11-03 PM 11-17-14_11-04 PM 11-17-14_11-04 PM-2 11-17-14_11-04 PM-3 11-17-14_11-04 PM-4 11-17-14_11-05 PM 11-17-14_11-05 PM-2

Amanda freaking loves the dino, which is named Dino.

Wow. Boring. Maybe I should name it.

11-17-14_11-06 PM 11-17-14_11-06 PM-2

Izzy is level 5 in cooking and it’s brilliant.

11-17-14_11-13 PM 11-17-14_11-16 PM 11-17-14_11-17 PM 11-17-14_11-18 PM 11-17-14_11-20 PM 11-17-14_11-22 PM

Between all the repairs and the cleaning I can never get anything else done with Izzy.

I help her out by putting the dishes in the sink with my mouse though.

11-17-14_11-39 PM 11-17-14_11-39 PM-2 11-17-14_11-40 PM 11-17-14_11-40 PM-2

Gemma and Amanda are just like any ohter siblings and don’t always get along.

11-17-14_11-33 PM

Izzy finally gets to do something and this is about the time I realise that since all she needs for her aspiration is to complete a collection I can sell any double ups (or quintruple ups… seriously). Suddenly, some money!

Not much, but yay!

11-17-14_11-41 PM

Also she’s now at level 8 for handiness so she’s getting quite a bit of money in for what she builds. 600 simoleons for the dining table! Yay!

I am terrible at building though, so I don’t know when or how I’m going to be doing renovations. They need a bit more money, though, I think.

11-17-14_11-45 PM-2

Amanda wakes up in the middle of the night and does the pee pee walk.

11-17-14_11-46 PM-2 11-17-14_11-47 PM-2 11-17-14_11-48 PM

Since she’s awake already, Amanda thinks she should just have some fun instead of sleeping, even though she has school in the morning.

11-17-14_11-50 PM-2

Amanda: Having a nap half an hour before school is a great idea!


11-17-14_11-50 PM 11-17-14_11-51 PM-4

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Gemma is a very angry little girl.

11-17-14_11-51 PM-3

By contrast, this is Amanda.

I would think that it’s because Gemma has the trait ‘Loves the Outdoors’ and keeps getting tense from being ‘cooped up’ but Amanda has the same trait and is inside just as much as Gemma.

11-17-14_11-51 PM-2

Anyway I took those comparison pictures because I noticed it while the two of them were heading to school.

Yes. Amanda did go to school after a half hour nap.

And look how happy she still is wth.

11-18-14_12-01 AM

Apparently nothing happened while the girls were at school.

Anyway, Amanda, what is that face?

I really do appreciate the facial expressions in this game.

11-18-14_12-01 AM-2 11-18-14_12-04 AM 11-18-14_12-04 AM-2 11-18-14_12-05 AM 11-18-14_12-06 AM

Izzy’s brother Arthur comes along for a visit. Cutie.

11-18-14_12-03 AM

Travis! We haven’t seen you all update! Nice facial expression.

Travis: I had to get in to the update somehow. The other choice was dying.


11-18-14_12-11 AM-2

Aww, Travis, you’re autonomously cleaning. Thank you.

Travis: It’s my last good deed.

What do you mean last???

And then he went to work.

11-18-14_12-20 AM

And thern he came home from work.

I’m sorry, guys. I’m drawing this out too long.

11-18-14_12-20 AM-3 11-18-14_12-20 AM-4 11-18-14_12-20 AM-5

No! Travis!!

This is my first death in the sims 4 also.

So sad.

Though tbh at this point I had gotten the notification that it was near the end of his time twice.

Also I realised at this point that Izzy’s parents were probably dead now too and I looked and they WERE.

11-18-14_12-21 AM-2

Random guy on the street was jogging past, and stopped to look in sadly.

11-18-14_12-22 AM

Hey Izzy, your husband just died and your parents are dead.

Izzy: What?

11-18-14_12-22 AM-2

This makes me sad.

11-18-14_12-23 AM

And so I placed his grave outside.

RIP Travis. You were already old when you married in, so I suppose it was always going to happen fairly early on, but you were a great spouse. You looked after yourself, didn’t give me any fails, and had a pretty good relationship with your daughters, as well.

11-18-14_12-24 AM-2 11-18-14_12-25 AM

Izzy cries on Dino and then in bed.

I’m sorry, Izzy. I never would have married you to him if I knew he was that old.

Does that sound insensitive?

Izzy is still a young adult, by the way. So yeah.


11-18-14_9-21 AM-2 11-18-14_9-21 AM-3 11-18-14_9-21 AM-4

Izzy cries in the shower.

11-18-14_9-22 AM-3 11-18-14_9-23 AM-3 11-18-14_9-23 AM-4 11-18-14_9-23 AM-5


Gemma skips school which is actually kinf of convenient because Izzy needs social. And fun. And everything. She is ‘very sad’ at the moment because she has the ‘widow’ moodlet which lasts two days and I just… ugh it’s so hard to look after her during this time.

11-18-14_9-25 AM

Izzy eats so slowly and so sadly.

11-18-14_9-26 AM-2 11-18-14_9-26 AM-4

She cries while cooking.

Her mourning is irritating and she is impossible to look after.

Izzy: My husband just died!

I know, but please. Stop. I need you to actually eat so YOU don’t die.

11-18-14_9-30 AM

The girls don’t seem to realise anything is going on.

11-18-14_9-40 AM-3 11-18-14_9-40 AM-4

Aww, this is cute even if Gemma is stinky.

11-18-14_9-51 AM

That night Gemma hangs out outside, which is good. Maybe she won’t be so angry for awhile.

11-18-14_9-52 AM

Oh, hi, Travis!

11-18-14_9-52 AM-2 11-18-14_9-52 AM-3

So by this point she’d lost the ‘widow’ moodlet and wasn’t sad anymore. I hope this doesn’t change that.

11-18-14_9-53 AM

Aww, Travis watches over Gemma as she sleeps.

Travis: I’ll protect you from the nightmares.

You might actually be one of the nightmares, Travis.

11-18-14_9-55 AM-2

Now Travis is green (???) and chatting with Amanda.

11-18-14_9-56 AM-2

Now he’s blue??

Is it to do with emotions?

11-18-14_9-57 AM

And as Travis disappears as dawn breaks, this update disappears…

This is all I have for this time, anyway. The next update shouldn’t be too far. I’m loving playing on my new computer. It plays so smoothly. (It should. It was built specifically to play sims. Maybe I should reinstall sims 3…)

Next update: No idea. Ghost hauntings? Maybe  Gemma will become a teenager.





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