Chapter 1.3

Yes it’s still NaNoWriMo.

Yes I should be writing my novel.

However I am ahead and I play my game sometimes and then ISBI stuff happens.

11-10-14_6-59 PM-5

This picture was much more interesting with speech bubbles. I know they were there but I can’t for the life of me remember what they were.

Why do the pictures not include the speech bubbles?

11-10-14_7-05 PM-3

I wish they would bring back the repairman.

But the then Regan’s don’t have enough money for a repairman.

11-10-14_7-05 PM-4

What are you so happy about, Izzy?

Izzy: I get to fix things! Handiness points!

I suppose that is positive…

11-10-14_7-07 PM

Travis stands around doing nothing a lot, but I think that’s because the Reagan’s have very little to actually do. Maybe in a few generations when they have more money and thus more stuff they’ll be more interesting.

11-10-14_7-11 PM 11-10-14_7-11 PM-2 11-10-14_7-11 PM-3

Gemma does not like this romance novel.

Gemma: Kissing is gross.

11-10-14_7-14 PM-2

This expression is the best.

11-10-14_7-21 PM

Travis: My old creaking sore back makes me so happy.

11-10-14_7-22 PM

So I’ve noticed that when Travis stands around doing nothing (or drinking juice while doing nothing) it’s in the room his wife is in.

It’s sort of sweet. Except when she’s peeing.

Also the whole ‘watching while you’re asleep thing’ gross.

11-10-14_7-23 PM

The pee pee walk is funny to me for some reason. At least she made it to the toilet.

11-10-14_7-23 PM-2

*sigh* Time to wake Izzy to fix the toilet.

11-10-14_7-25 PM

Bless you, Gemma.

11-10-14_7-27 PM

Gemma walked in to the bathroom while her father was on the toilet and oh my gosh her scream.

11-10-14_7-27 PM-2

Travis: I’ve scarred my child for life.

11-10-14_7-28 PM-2

Not too badly, though, because now they’re dancing together.

11-10-14_7-29 PM

This was completely autonomous they are so sweet.

11-10-14_7-31 PM-2

Izzy’s mum came to visit.

11-10-14_7-32 PM-2

Izzy: Wow, my mother is nuts.

Don’t look at me. She doesn’t have insane as a trait.

11-10-14_7-31 PM-4

Izzy: By the way, Mum, I’m pregnant.

Izzy’s Mum: Ooh, nooboo.

11-10-14_7-34 PM

Poor Izzy gets the job of cleaning the shower.

Also that is disgusting why can they only clean the shower once it gets like that? They should clean it frequently so it DOESN’T get like that.

11-10-14_7-37 PM-3

So Izzy is going to bed, but the other lump is Gemma hiding from the world. Still embarrassed from walking in on her father in the toilet.

11-10-14_7-38 PM

Gemma: Gotta check facebook.

11-11-14_7-23 PM

Travis: I gotta pee!

Yeah, and shower.

11-11-14_7-25 PM

Who/what is Gemma glaring at with such fury?

11-11-14_7-25 PM-2

Her stinky father.

11-11-14_7-25 PM-4

But then, she might just be angry in general.

Wow. That is a very hateful look.

11-11-14_7-29 PM-2 11-11-14_7-30 PM-5

And then when she gets home from school she’s very sad.

School used to make me sad, too, Gem.

11-11-14_7-31 PM-2 11-11-14_7-31 PM-3 11-11-14_7-53 PM

Izzy notices how sad her little girl is and tries to cheer up.

So sweet.

11-11-14_7-54 PM 11-11-14_7-54 PM-2

Well, she’s certainly cheered up.

11-11-14_7-55 PM-2


Izzy: Dammit I just got to sleep…

11-11-14_7-55 PM-3

What is that face, Travis?

11-11-14_7-56 PM

Perfect timing.

11-11-14_7-57 PM

And no… Izzy didn’t give birth to a sink. This is Amanda, Izzy and Travis’s new daughter.

11-11-14_7-57 PM-2

So, Gemma, what do you think of your new baby sister?

Gemma: I like her.

11-11-14_8-02 PM 11-11-14_8-02 PM-2 11-11-14_8-03 PM


11-11-14_8-11 PM 11-11-14_8-11 PM-2 11-11-14_8-11 PM-3

Amanda was crying so Gemma atempted to help but it didn’t work, and it got a little frustrating because I needed Gemma to move so that Izzy could feed the baby.

Still was cute that Gemma tried to help though.

11-11-14_8-16 PM

Family picture!

11-11-14_8-17 PM

I added a second bed into Gemma’s room for when Amanda is grown up, and it’s a cool dinasaur one.

11-11-14_8-19 PM-2

And then Amanda does grow into a child!

11-11-14_8-25 PM-2

This is Amanda and she is super cute.

11-11-14_8-27 PM\

I got the girls a soft toy dino because it’s awesome.

11-11-14_8-25 PM-3 11-11-14_8-26 PM 11-11-14_8-26 PM-2

Izzy can finally work on her aspiration and Travis and Amanda follow her.

11-11-14_8-27 PM-2


11-11-14_8-32 PM

No, that’s Gemma’s bed.


As long as she’s sleeping, I suppose. Or napping, really.

11-11-14_8-31 PM-2

Please don’t make more of a mess, your mother has enough to do.


I guess it’s time to move on from screaming babies and difficult pregnancies and onto messy children.

Anyway, that’s all for next time. What will happen next time? Will they have money so that the non-TH sims can do interesting things? Will Izzy do interesting things?

Probably not.


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