Chapter 1.2

*Ahem* *Looks around awkwardly*

Yes. It is November. I know. But I wrote over 3,000 words today and I’m a day ahead and I got excited about pools and I ended up playing sims.

And played the Reagans.

11-06-14_8-46 PM

The first thing I did when I loaded the game was place a new gym into Oasis Springs, one from the gallery (I can’t remember the name or who made it – I’m sorry, I’m terrible) that had pools, and then I sent Izzy down there.

11-06-14_8-47 PM 11-06-14_8-47 PM-2 11-06-14_8-47 PM-3

Then I realised I hadn’t actually picked out any swimwear for Izzy, but what she has is super cute so she’s keeping it! ANyway, pool… meh. I mean, we’ve had pools the last three games anyway. I do like that they can sit at the edge of the pool, though, Nice touch!

When the Reagans finally get rich in about five gens they will so have a pool.

Izzy is pretty pleased to have a pool available to her, though.

11-06-14_8-49 PM-2 11-06-14_8-50 PM 11-06-14_8-51 PM

Travis looks after himself pretty well, but I’m having a lot of trouble looking after Izzy. This may or may not be because I play with cheats most of the time.

It doesn’t help that she’s pregnant.

11-06-14_8-53 PM 11-06-14_8-57 PM

Working on her aspiration just makes Izzy’s mood worsen.

Izzy: I’m nowhere near finishing.

Well, she’s closer than regular founders, just because I’ve been playing her since a child.

11-06-14_8-57 PM-3

Who is this?

This is Isabel’s younger sister, Lauren.

She’s… interesting looking. Something about her face just looks odd, and I can’t quite put my finger on it. The nose?

11-06-14_8-58 PM 11-06-14_8-58 PM-2

Izzy desperately needed the toilet and it was broken of course. *sigh* Cheap stuff everywhere. And she can’t upgrade it to unbreakable. Is that even an option in this game?

11-06-14_9-03 PM-2

Travis: I think I will stand… just here. It’s the perfect spot!

Izzy can’t see the TV! Her fun is too low!

Izzy: Nah. My husband may be old but he’s still my husband. I’ll just look at him.

11-06-14_10-09 PM-2


11-06-14_10-12 PM-2 11-06-14_10-16 PM 11-06-14_10-17 PM

Basically her last day or so of pregnancy is food and then loo and then food and then loo and a nap whenever I manage to fit it in so her energy doesn’t get to low. It is exhausting. And they are so poor.

Luckily Travis was in the tech guru path when he moved in and he’s worked a couple of days. A bit of money coming in from that. But Izzy hasn’t had a chance to make anything on the woodworking table, so nothing from that.

11-06-14_10-19 PM-2

The toilet is broken AGAIN and the sink is dirty and at this point in the game I was panicking because the first fail was going to be my TH. Thank goodness she managed to get it fixed before peeing herself, though.

11-06-14_10-21 PM

And in the middle of the night, Izzy goes into labour.

Izzy: This is the most pain anyone ever felt ever!

Travis: Wha?? What’s going on?

11-06-14_10-21 PM-2

She’s heading to have the baby at hospital. What you don’t see is Travis running out in a panic.

Izzy: What’s he so worried about? He’s not the one who has to push this out of his unmentionables.

11-06-14_10-21 PM-3

Oh, no, wait, here’s Travis in a panic.

11-06-14_10-22 PM

They have a little girl named Gemma. Who already has all three traits planned out, because I’ve generated them over here. I’ll reveal them to you as she ages up, though.

11-06-14_10-25 PM 11-06-14_10-26 PM 11-06-14_10-26 PM-2 11-06-14_10-26 PM-4 11-06-14_10-26 PM-5 11-06-14_10-27 PM 11-06-14_10-27 PM-2

Gemma spends the entire night crying about everything and nothing, not letting Mum sleep at all.

11-06-14_10-28 PM

Izzy manages to get in a little bit of fun.

11-06-14_10-31 PM

And then Gemma is crying again.

11-06-14_10-32 PM

And then I remember the stereo has been broken for about a day.

11-06-14_10-32 PM-2


I know, I’m sorry. You’re just so poor. If you had more money I’d just click ‘replace’.

11-06-14_10-33 PM 11-06-14_10-33 PM-4

Gemma can’t be alone for too long because she needs ALL THE ATTENTION. At this point I’m wanting to turn the sound off, but then I won’t know if she’s crying or not.

11-06-14_10-35 PM

Yes, I know it’s a shot with the walls down, but you need to understand just how rare a sight this is. Both of them sleeping.

11-06-14_10-36 PM-2

The minute Travis gets home, Izzy attacks him. With snogging. He stinks but apparently Izzy doesn’t mind that?

11-06-14_10-36 PM-3

And I send them to try for baby.

Am I nuts? Probably. I’m having enough trouble with Izzy looking after Gemma because she is the most needy baby, and now I’m going to add pregnancy on top of that. When Izzy basically needed to pee the entire time.

11-06-14_10-37 PM-3

Izzy is indeed pregnant, and not very happy about it.

Sorry. It’s just that your husband is old, so I’m getting the babies out as quickly as possible.

11-06-14_10-40 PM 11-06-14_10-40 PM-2

I built a children’s bedroom, and all I put in the room was a bed for when Gemma grows up.

11-06-14_10-41 PM-2

Travis is still pretty good at looking after himself, he just hasn’t had any interactions with his daughter at all.

Maybe that will change when she’s a child.

11-06-14_10-43 PM

For once Izzy’s needs are all pretty high, and the baby is sleeping, so I let her dig one rock to help her aspiration.

11-06-14_10-44 PM

Gemma is crying AGAIN and I remember I’ve had the notification saying it’s almost time for her to grow up, so I click age up.

11-06-14_10-49 PM

And this is Gemma as a child in her swimwear, because that is the last outfit she was in in CAS.

Her childhood aspiration is artistic prodigy, and she Loves the Outdoors.

He face looks much older than a child’s face and it will be interesting to see her grow into it. Hopefully.

11-06-14_10-49 PM-2 11-06-14_10-50 PM-2 11-06-14_10-51 PM

Gemma is pretty good at looking after herself as well, so far. Good.

11-06-14_10-50 PM

Oh, Izzy. You’re pregnant and need to pee all the time anyway. Please don’t drink juice. Please.

I will leave this chapter here because I have no more pictures anyway. I hope you all had a laugh at my misfortune. I can’t wait until the second baby is a child as well.

Ideally the next chapter won’t be until December, but this one wasn’t supposed to happen until December either, so we’ll see how we go.


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