Chapter 1.1

I told myself I wouldn’t do a legacy or anything for Sims 4. Then I told myself I wouldn’t until after NaNoWriMo.


Anyway, for those who don’t know me I wrote the Gilbert Vampiracy, and also tried a few other challenges along the way. (If you’re interested, my simblr should have more info).

In Sims 3 I did start an ISBI but never got past the third gen because that was about when my computer started being a shit and also I lost the save. So bye bye Tilney’s. I loved them.

Anyway, enough about that. Let’s start this ISBI! I’m following the ISBI rules here.

The founder/TH for this ISBI is actually a sim I’ve been playing since birth. I started sharing pics of her and her family on my simblr since she was a teen, you can read about it here.

This is Isabel Reagan.

10-30-14_9-21 AM-3

Since I’ve been playing her since birth, she has one extra trait, which she gained for completing her childhood aspiration.

She loves the outdoors, is cheerful, and childish. She gained the physically gifted trait as a child, and her aspirationg is The Curator, so her trait with that is Collector. Because I started on it as a teen before I decided I was going to start an ISBI with her, I won’t be coutning that for any points.

If I even count points at all…


10-28-14_4-15 PM

I moved her into this lot in Oasis Springs and then built a little house for her.

10-30-14_9-20 AM 10-30-14_9-20 AM-2 10-30-14_9-20 AM-3 10-30-14_9-20 AM-4 10-30-14_9-21 AM 10-30-14_9-21 AM-2

It’s very sparse at the moment but that will change with time.

10-30-14_9-24 AM

Izzy will be working on the woodworking table to earn money. I want her handiness level to ten so I can get her into Forgotten Grotto.

10-30-14_9-27 AM

I sent Izzy to the park in Oasis Springs, and I was going to consider this guy as a possible spouse but it’s not really much genetic variety.

10-30-14_9-29 AM

Across the road I spot her little brother Arthur. Hey, Arthur! *waves*

10-30-14_9-31 AM

I had Izzy talk to a couple of guys for a bit, but she couldn’t flirt or have any romatic interactions with them so I figured they must have been teens.

10-30-14_9-33 AM 10-30-14_9-33 AM-2

There were no rocks at the park to dig, so I sent her to the snakehol juice bar and looked around that neighbourhood for rocks, and so she did some collecting.

10-30-14_9-35 AM

Then I spotted her dad. Hi Darrin!

10-30-14_9-35 AM-2

I decided Izzy needed friends as well as a spouse so she went to talk to this girl, Janessa.

10-30-14_9-39 AM

Janessa doesn’t like her for some reason.

And that guy is happy about it??

10-30-14_9-40 AM

Izzy: What the hell is her problem??

10-30-14_9-41 AM-2 10-30-14_9-41 AM-3 10-30-14_9-42 AM-2 10-30-14_9-43 AM

Izzy flirts with this guy for a bit but neither of them are really feeling it.

10-30-14_9-44 AM

Instead Izzy and I set out sights on this guy, surrounded by women.

10-30-14_9-47 AM 10-30-14_9-49 AM-2 10-30-14_9-49 AM-5 10-30-14_9-50 AM 10-30-14_9-50 AM-2 10-30-14_9-50 AM-3 10-30-14_9-50 AM-5 10-30-14_9-50 AM-6 10-30-14_9-51 AM 10-30-14_9-51 AM-3

The two of them are super cute.

10-30-14_9-54 AM

Happy, Izzy?

Izzy: I want him to be my baby daddy.

Oh. Also. His name is Travis Scott.

10-30-14_10-39 PM 10-30-14_10-40 PM

Then she goes home, does some woodworking, and then sleeps.

10-30-14_10-46 PM-3

This is the third time she’s called Travis to invite him over. He’s been busy.

10-30-14_10-46 PM-4

Izzy: Why wouldn’t he want a piece of this?

10-30-14_10-47 PM

And then I realise Izzy’s little sister has turned up.

10-30-14_10-47 PM-2 10-30-14_10-47 PM-3 10-30-14_10-48 PM

Izzy spends a bit of time with Lauren before sending her back home.

Should probably send Izzy to visit her family at some point.

10-30-14_10-48 PM-4

She tried calling Travis again but nope.

10-30-14_10-49 PM

Izzy: The TV will remind me that there’s hope for love.

10-30-14_10-49 PM-2

And we try again…

10-30-14_10-50 PM


And now some Izzy/Travis spam.


10-30-14_10-50 PM-3 10-30-14_10-50 PM-4 10-30-14_10-51 PM

10-30-14_10-53 PM 10-30-14_10-53 PM-2 10-30-14_10-53 PM-3 10-30-14_10-53 PM-4


10-30-14_10-54 PM-2 10-30-14_10-54 PM-7

They got married straight away because 1) They don’t have much money and 2) I can’t be bothered throwing a wedding party. Maybe in a future generation.

Also, once Travis moved in I realised he was like one day away from becoming an elder soo… I guess that means babies in very quick succession.

Since Travis is now an official part of the family, I’ll tell you his traits, he is an outgoing, self assured geek, and his aspiration is computer whiz.

10-30-14_10-56 PM


10-30-14_10-57 PM 10-30-14_10-57 PM-2 10-30-14_10-57 PM-3


Or one at least.

10-30-14_11-00 PM-2 10-30-14_11-02 PM 10-30-14_11-02 PM-2 10-30-14_11-02 PM-3

While Izzy is working at the woodworking table to make some money, Travis distracts her by talking to her.

I mean, I love the multi tasking feature, but it also makes things take longer.

10-30-14_11-05 PM 10-30-14_11-05 PM-2

He was upset… and then laughed?? IDK.

10-30-14_11-05 PM-5 10-30-14_11-06 PM

Eating together as a family.

10-30-14_11-07 PM

I’m super glad this park is across the road from them because then I don’t have to spend money on a playground for the children.

Will they autnomously go there, though?

We’ll see.

10-30-14_11-09 PM 10-30-14_11-13 PM 10-30-14_11-13 PM-2

Izzy drags Travis around town to find rocks.

10-30-14_11-14 PM

At least he decided to take a nap on the bench instead of failing.

Who cares if he looks homeless?

10-30-14_11-18 PM

Super cute.

10-30-14_11-20 PM

Travis follows Izzy everywhere.

10-30-14_11-21 PM

And now Travis is an elder.

Ah well.

Next gen I’ll make someone or download from someone else so I can be sure that this doesn’t happen.

And with this, this chapter is over. I probably won’t post any more until after November, because NaNoWriMo will be sucking all of my free time. We’ll see.



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